Bill Barr exploited Mueller's 'sense of fairness' to protect Trump: columnist
Special counsel Robert Mueller (left, via screengrab) and AG Bill Barr (right, via AFP/Nicholas Kamm).

On Tuesday, Washington Post columnist Greg Sargent laid out his depressing theory on Twitter about why the upcoming House hearings with former special counsel Robert Mueller are unlikely to, in any meaningful way, reveal Mueller's personal beliefs on Trump's criminality or culpability.

The short answer, Sargent wrote, is that Attorney General William Barr knows how Mueller operates — and exploited his "sense of fairness" to ensure he would not speak ill of the president:

Sargent concluded by reiterating, as he did in a recent article, that even if Barr succeeds in preventing Mueller from revealing any new information, just reiteration of what is already in the report in a public setting could be damaging for the president in its own right.