Black Pennsylvania Trump voter wonders if he's still welcome in the GOP
Black Pennsylvania Trump supporter (Photo: Screen capture)

Tuesday, CNN released interviews with Texas Trump supporters who defended his racist attacks on four Congresswomen of color. Wednesday night, Van Jones showed his panel of supporters of both President Donald Trump and former President Barack Obama. But things got tense when a Black Trump supporter was asked about the president's racially charged statements.

Two men, one white one Black, in the group said they supported Trump and probably would again because business was good. Two women in the group lamented that Trump's racism was hurtful for the country.

"I just go back to values," the older women said. "I value treating people with dignity. And if there is anything that is incongruent with those values, then I'm not for that. So I'm not going to put profit over my values."

Jones asked the Black Trump supporter, who has even met the president before, whether he was putting profit over his values. He paused, unsure of what to say.

"That would be a yes," the older women shot back.

"Look," the young man began.

"That would be a yes," she repeated.

"I think that this — this 'go back' comment hit home for a lot of us that support him," the young Black conservative said. "It hit a lot of us in the gut. And I think that the president is putting a lot of us in a very precarious situation. I think the president has a base and he has a far-right-wing base, and there's a lot of white nationalists, a lot of racists, a lot of anti-Semites in that base."

He said that what he sees Trump doing is employing a PR strategy to "rile up the base," which he can understand, but it doesn't make it easy for him.

"And so I feel like a lot of us feel like, 'Wow, where do we fit in anymore?'" he continued. "Are we still welcome in this movement? Are people of color still welcome? So, a lot of us are still reeling from that comment. And I would tell you, a lot of my friends that are Black conservatives, a lot of them have jumped off the Trump train. They've gone over to Kamala Harris' side. They've gotten involved in her campaign and also Joe Biden's. Certainly here in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania."

Watch the video below: