‘Brilliant’ ‘Compelling’ ‘Warrior’: New post-debate polls say Democrats thrilled with Warren and Harris
Elizabeth Warren Kamala Harris

A new set of HuffPost/YouGov polls find Democratic voters were thrilled with Senators Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris. Democratic voters and those who lean left were asked about last week's debates, and those two candidates were seen as "outperforming in their respective appearances, eroding former Vice President Joe Biden’s perceived edge as the most electable," HuffPost just reported.

For each debate night, 59% of those polled said Sen. Warren and Sen. Harris each did the best. Former HUD Secretary Julián Castro on the first night and former Vice President Joe Biden on the second night both came in second with just 16%.

But the comments respondents left may say even more than the percentages.

On Elizabeth Warren:

    • “She actually has plans instead of just vague talking points.” ― Utah woman, age 29
    • “She clearly identifies issues and has policy plans to address them. She’s direct and articulate about the mistakes being made by the current administration. She hasn’t got time for nonsense.” ― Kentucky woman, age 64
  • “She answered the questions well, she didn’t pivot often and tended to stick to the subject material. She was prepared as always, and didn’t engage in excessive crosstalk or interrupting” ― Oregon man, age 27
  • “Best at articulating actual policies and plans that I understand and agree with not just a bunch of the usual political double talk.” ― California man, age 57
  • “She’s brilliant.  She’s got a PLAN.” ― Florida woman, age 59

On Kamala Harris:

  • “I think she is a warrior. She impressed me the day she announced. I believe Kamala Harris has what it takes to beat Trump and get our country going in the right direction.” ― Nevada woman, age 58
  • “She demonstrated how a good prosecutor has the skills to communicate powerfully.  Her story is very compelling.” ― New York man, age 72
  • “She focused on the question at hand and spoke on the issues in a concise, direct, clearly well-informed way. She also showed strength, character, personality, and a confident path to the solutions she provided.” ― Kentucky woman, age 43
  • “She remained calm and calmed the stage in a sea of hollering men.” ― Ohio man, age 50
  • “She smoked Biden like a cheap cigar.” ― Kansas man, age 61