BUSTED: Trump nominee caught lying about his qualifications as he faces Senate confirmation

President Donald Trump's nominee to be the Director of National Intelligence is facing a stolen valor situation after claiming to have put terrorists in jail, NBC News reported Monday.

"[John] Ratcliffe, 53, has little experience in national security or intelligence. He was elected in 2014 with the support of the Tea Party, ousting 91-year-old incumbent Republican Ralph Hall. Ratcliffe had been the mayor of Heath, Texas — population 7,000 — from 2004 to 2012," NBC reported. "During that time, Ratcliffe became a federal prosecutor, named chief of anti-terrorism and national security for the Eastern District of Texas. In 2007, Ratcliffe was named the district's acting U.S. attorney by President George W. Bush."

"Although Ratcliffe's website says he 'put terrorists in prison,' there is no evidence he ever prosecuted a terrorism case," NBC reported.

"He convicted individuals who were funneling money to Hamas behind the front of a charitable organization," the congressman's office claimed in a 2015 press release.

"While he was U.S. attorney in East Texas, Ratcliffe was appointed as a special prosecutor in a terrorism funding case in Dallas, U.S. v. Holy Land Foundation, in which a Muslim charity was found guilty of funneling money to the Palestinian terror group," NBC reported. "But Ratcliffe's name does not appear in the Holy Land trial record."

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