'Can we have a day with hamburgers and beer without a politician?': Ex-CIA officer admonishes Trump
CNN counterintelligence analyst Phil Mudd. Image via screengrab.

Whether or not President Donald Trump's speech was a political statement, former CIA officer Phil Mudd wanted nothing more than to eat his hamburger in peace.

In wake of the Trump rally and speech, Mudd went off on a rant about the day normally dedicated to a celebration of America had to become about his least favorite political figure.

"Let me be subtle here at a professional level 25 years in national security I hate to do," Mudd prefaced. "At a personal level, I hated it more. Let me tell you something, when we are in the midst of July 4th after 9/11 when I was at the CIA I thought we were celebrating the defense of ideals, the right to live free and fair. The right to live according to the documents that our Founding Fathers established, the right to — of every person every citizen in the country to pretend like they can be president, the rate to have economic opportunity. I didn’t realize we were fighting the chance to pay for guns for weapons."

He said that he's done national security and he thought America was about more.

"I thought this was about ideals and now we made it about the military," he continued. "That’s not what the Founding Fathers gave us. Any gave us the gift of ideals. At a personal level, excuse me but now we have the Super Bowl as invaded by Politics players kneeling. The women’s World Cup is invaded by politics and a dispute about women going to the White House. We have a stupid dispute of politics this week about whether Nike puts a flag on a shoe. Can we actually have a day with hamburgers hot dogs and a few beers without with a few beers without a politician? One day. And now we can't because now we've got politicians saying, 'Let's celebrate guns and aircraft -- forget about the Founding Fathers who talked about being cautious with the standing military."

CNN host Brianna Keilor joked just once she wished Mudd would say what he "really" felt.

Watch the rant below: