Children's charity pulls out of stripper tournament at Trump golf course
Donald Trump playing golf, as he has about 30 hours a week during his presidency. (Screenshot)

The non-profit group associated with the "stripper" golf tournament at a course owned by President Donald Trump has decided to pull out of the event at the last minute.

After a Washington Post report by David Fahrenthold, the nonprofit group Miami Allstars Foundation admitted that they're not going to join and that the event should probably be canceled.

"We're not participating, and I think you should cancel the event," the group's head Carlos Alamilla told Fahrenthold he told organizers.

There were also questions about the nonprofit status of the group because the state said that they didn't have it on their books. Alamilla said it was because the group missed the deadline for registration but that they are a legitimate charity.

He told Fahrenthold that the event organizers "offered an unspecified payment as a result of the tournament." He didn't realize the group's logo would be used on ads depicting the strippers as "caddy girls."

The event is still being advertised as of Wednesday.

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