On Wednesday, labor secretary Alex Acosta held a press conference to defend his handling of Jeffrey Epstein's sexual assaults of under-aged girls.

Acosta had negotiated an agreement under which Epstein served 13 month on state charges.

As he defended the deal, Acosta cited his concerns that Epstein wouldn't face any consequences if they "rolled the dice" by going to trial on federal charges.

Afterwards, a CNN expert panel demolished his line of thinking.

Legal analyst Paul Callan noted that Acosta didn't even try to get Epstein a more stringent penalty.

"This was a press conference that demonstrated colossal prosecutorial irresponsibility," Callan said. "He's talking about rolling the dice. He didn't even pick up the dice," Callen added.

"They didn't even start investigating this, as you've indicated and by the way, court documents, with respect to this very matter indicate that there were between 30 and 40 victims that the Justice Department and his office had access to at that point in time. Most of them were minors -- children."