CNN’s Republican anchor rips GOP for allowing Trump’s racism: ‘What a load of crap’
CNN anchor S.E. Cupp (screengrab)

CNN anchor S.E. Cupp on Saturday blasted the Republican Party for enabling President Donald Trump's racism.

"Welcome to 'Unfiltered,' in what might be the ugliest week of his presidency so far, Donald Trump went from dipping a toe in the pool of white nationalism to bathing in it," Cupp declared.

First, there was the racist tweetstorm he told four women of color, elected representatives no less -- to go back to their own countries. Then his followers took his cues and responded, chanting “Send her back” about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar (D-MN) at a rally in North Carolina," she reported.

"After initially pretending he did not endorse that vile rhetoric, here he is yesterday tripling down on his attacks," she continued, playing a clip of the president.

"I can tell you this, you can’t talk that way about our country. Not when I am the president," Trump declared.

"A handful of elected Republicans have said -- rather politely -- they disagree with the president. Leadership, however, is just fine with it," she noted.

"Here is tonight’s headline, you break it, you own it. The Republican Party is now fully and totally responsible for these racist, divisive, un-American ideas," Cupp said. "They are yours as much as any policy is. In fact, it is the policy."

"This idea that Republicans can compartmentalize Trump into categories is the lie of the century. Trump is not a buffet where you can take what you like and leave what you don’t, it doesn't work that way," she explained.

"Trump voters don't separate his economic from his cultural agenda. Evangelicals don't get to dismiss his naked immorality just because he panders to them," Cupp said. "And Republican lawmakers can’t pretend what they are really purchasing is the legislation and the racist rhetoric is just a free staple that comes with it."

"Through every racist flare-up, Republicans have been willing to hold their noses and continue to support Trump," she reminded.

"There are no compartments, there is only all of Trump or none of Trump," she concluded. "The Republican Party chose all. "