Conservatives are furious about Trump's budget deal — and they're whining to Fox News about it

No sooner was the news announced that President Donald Trump had reached an agreement with bipartisan leaders in Congress to lift spending caps and the debt ceiling, than rumors began swirling that hardline deficit hawks on Capitol Hill were discontented.

Several Republican politicians and officials noted to Fox News reporter Chad Pergram the broad sense of dissatisfaction with the deal, which authorizes far more spending than Republicans ever let President Barack Obama get away with and grows domestic spending in parity with defense spending:

While the president agreed to the terms, there is precedent for him backing out of legislative commitments at the last minute after a backlash from the right flank of his supporters. At the end of last year, he agreed to a funding bill, and then pulled out and shut down the government for 35 days after pro-Trump commentators like Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham thundered that he was caving on the border wall. Then, as now, the discontent trickled into Fox News, which is what ultimately gave Trump cold feet.

The stakes in this fight, should Trump back out of this deal too, would be even higher. Breaching the debt ceiling would mean the United States is unable to repay all of its obligations on Treasury bonds, which could set off a global economic shockwave and undermine the security of American credit in the long term.