‘Degree to which Trump loses his mind on Twitter’ is the best way to assess Mueller impact: GOP strategist
Republican strategist Rick Wilson. Image via screengrab.

The best way to assess the impact of former special counsel Robert Mueller's testimony is to judge the response from President Donald Trump on Twitter, a Republican strategist explained on MSNBC on Tuesday.

GOP strategist Rick Wilson, the author of the 2018 bestselling book Everything Trump Touches Dies, was interviewed on MSNBC by Brian Williams.

"I think we should have a real filter that the Republican guys are going to try to set their asses on fire and run around on the stage to distract people from the weight and gravity of this testimony, but that — so that show tomorrow is going to be one that is going to hold America pretty transfixed," Wilson predicted.

"It’s going to get a ton of media coverage, and you’re going to be able to weigh and assess it by how damaging it is by the degree to which Trump loses his mind on Twitter," he counseled.

"Rick Wilson, it’s been months since I quoted Carl Bernstein. He always says Republicans were the heroes of Watergate. What is the chance we will see one or two profiles encouraged among the Republicans on these committees tomorrow?"

"There is a chance so vanishingly small that entirely new branches of mathematics would have to be invented to describe it," he replied.

"Not one of the Republicans is going to be a hero,"