Democrats are falling into the same trap they did in 2004: Nicolle Wallace
MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace (screengrab)

MSNBC anchor Nicolle Wallace worried that Democrats are repeating the mistakes made in 2004 that resulted in Sen. John Kerry (D-MA) losing the presidential election.

Wallace asked her panel why Democrats weren't fighting back harder against Trump's racism.

"Because none of them have the gumption, the backbone and the moral clarity to make these arguments," Dr. Jason Johnson said. "This disgusts me."

"That’s what people worry about with Donald Trump being able to be re-elected because he has conviction. Even if the conviction is wrong,' he explained.

"They’re thinking strategically instead of morally. That's the problem, this is not a strategic issue. It’s a moral issue. I don’t think the Democrats get it," he worried.

Wallace, who served as communications director in the George W. Bush White House, gave her theory as to why Bush was re-elected in 2004.

"When John Kerry lost the 2004 election was the moment he said, 'I was for it before I was against it.' When the voters see you making a calculation and not reacting like a mother or father or neighbor, they’re instantly turned off," she explained.