Devin Nunes claims Dems ‘live in alternative universe’ after spewing conspiracies theories at Mueller hearing
Devin Nunes speaks to Fox News (Photo: screen grab)

Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), who once served as the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, had no questions for former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Nunes, who finished his intelligence investigation more than a year ago, missed a lot of the information that was outlined in the Mueller report when he issued his own take on the Russia investigation. Yet, when given the opportunity to ask questions, Nunes had little to say.

Yet, when he took to the podium after the hearings, he was full of commentary.

"I think what you see today that collusion between the Republican Party and the Trump campaign is over. There was no evidence," Nunes said. He then moved on to talk about the Christopher Steele dossier, which Mueller wouldn't address because it's part of another investigation by the Justice Department.

He repeated GOP talking points that it was Democrats who "colluded" with Steele to create an opposition research document about Trump's scandals. Instead of hacking into the Republican National Committee, Democrats paid for half of an opposition research document about Trump. The first half of the report was paid for by a conservative news website. The conservative news site stopped paying for the research after Trump became the GOP nominee. The Trump campaign was able to obtain opposition research on Clinton due to a hack from the Russians and turned them over to WikiLeaks, the Mueller report found.

"This is over," Nunes said. He went on to say that there was nothing more important for the security of our country than passing Trump's latest trade deal. It was an odd statement coming from a former Intelligence Committee chairman, who issued a report on how to protect American elections from hacks, but failed to implement any of those protections while he was in charge in Congress.

Nunes then said that Democrats ran on protecting the border and solutions to immigration. In fact, Democrats campaigned on healthcare, but regardless, Democrats and Republicans came together for a bipartisan immigration agreement in the Senate that Trump said he wouldn't sign because it didn't have funding for his wall. The parties were working on the bill for nearly a decade.

According to Fox News reporter Chad Pergram, Nunes also said that Democrats refuse to accept reality because they live in an alternative universe.