Equifax is begging people not to take the cash settlement because they can't afford to pay everyone they screwed over
'Businessman displaying a spread of cash' [Shutterstock]

As part of the credit bureau Equifax's settlement with the government over their catastrophic data breach that exposed 145 million people's Social Security numbers, those affected can file a claim to get either $125 or free credit monitoring.

But after people signed up for the $125 option in droves, Equifax, along with the Federal Trade Commission, are now begging consumers not to choose that option β€” because they did not set aside enough funds as part of the settlement to pay that amount to everyone:

The total size of the Equifax settlement is $650 million. This means that even if the entire amount of that went to restitution β€” and only a fraction of it is set aside for that purpose β€” no one would get more than a few dollars apiece.