Even neo-Nazis think Trump's racism ‘goes too far sometimes’: Investigative reporter
President Donald Trump and a group of neo-Nazi protesters (composite image)

An investigative reporter that has embedded with neo-Nazis and Klan members explained Monday that President Donald Trump’s language echoes what these far-right groups have been saying for years.

In an MSNBC panel discussion, Vegas Tenold explained that when Trump says things like this it's almost expected at this point because he's been saying racist things since the birther campaign.

"He’s a racist; we have known for a long time that he is a racist," Tenold said. "'Go back to where you came from,' it’s peak racism, it’s, you know, the original form of racism. He’s been on this thing for a long time."

He noted that he heard the same phrases at rallies he attended to report on the Ku Klux Klan.

"He believes the policies he’s trying to implement, it’s been said to me at Nazi barbecues and Klan rallies, these are the things they wanted to happen," Tenold continued.

He explained that when Trump says things like this, these groups love it.

"These are the things they have wanted for a long time," he said." I have neo-Nazi Matthew Heimbach, he told me the president goes too far sometimes. That Donald Trump is more racist than him. We’re at a point where Trump is more racist than neo-Nazis."

Watch the full take below: