Ex-Congressman Joe Walsh considers primarying Trump: ‘His entire life is a lie’
Tea Party icon Joe Walsh (R-IL) served a single term in Congress.

Tea Party icon Joe Walsh is openly mulling challenging President Donald Trump for the 2020 Republican National Committee presidential nomination.

The former Republican congressman blasted Trump on the same subject on Friday.

"His entire life is a lie. He lies on purpose. He lies all the time, every day," Walsh charged.

"Lying is how he’s survived. Without lying, he’d be a nobody. Or in jail," he continued. "We’ve never seen anything like it."

The outburst caused one of his followers to wonder why Walsh doesn't do something about it.

"Joe, why don't you run as a Republican challenger to him? You have pure conservative ideals, you would get the support of the never Trumpers, and I'd love to see you debate him," Jeff Fulton said.

In response, Walsh said a challenge was necessary.

"Thank you my friend. Trump should be challenged in the primary," Walsh replied. "And it should be an honest, decent, principled conservative challenge."