Ex-GOP Rep. Mia Love blames child suicides on ‘both sides’ engaging in Trump’s racist tweets
Mia Love appears on CNN (screen grab)

Former Republican Rep. Mia Love followed others in her party blaming Democratic officials of color for President Donald Trump's racist comments.

During a CNN interview with Fredricka Whitfield, Love said that it was incumbent on the women of color to "take the high road."

"I think the American people, including me, we’re getting so tired of the back and forth," Love said of Trump's call for the women to go back where they came from. "I just want to say we have to remember what their jobs are."

She went on to tell the four women to do their jobs instead of focusing on Twitter battles. It's ironic given the number of times the president tweets on a day-to-day basis.

“Who started this?” asked Whitfield.

"Look, no one is making excuses and certainly we have to continue to hold the president responsible for the things that he says and what he does," she said. "I absolutely agree with that. But at some point, again, I’ve got three children that are watching adults behave poorly. And then we go out and we tell people, hey, these kids shouldn’t be bullying each other. They shouldn’t be doing the things that they’re doing that’s causing all sorts of suicides in schools and yet members of Congress and the president of the United States aren’t the best example.”

Watch the video below: