Former FBI Director James Comey outlines the burning questions he'd ask Robert Mueller
James Comey during his ABC interview (Screenshot)

Former FBI Director James Comey has written a lengthy post at the Lawfare blog outlining the most important questions that Democrats need to ask of former special counsel Robert Mueller.

Although many of the questions outlined by Comey are simply asking Mueller to rehash the findings of his final report on Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, he does ask some questions designed to get Mueller to offer up his own analysis of President Donald Trump's actions, such as, "Did you find substantial evidence that the president had committed obstruction of justice crimes?" and "Did you reach a judgment as to whether the president had committed obstruction of justice crimes?"

Comey also recommends that lawmakers focus special attention on the interactions between the president and former White House counsel Don McGahn, who told Mueller's team that Trump had ordered him to fire the special counsel.

Among other things, Comey recommends asking questions such as, "Did you find that the White House counsel decided he would rather resign than carry out that order?" and "Did you find that the president wanted the White House counsel to write a false memo saying he had not been ordered to have the special counsel removed?"

Read the whole list of questions here.