Former House Speaker John Boehner thinks his Republican Party has 'changed'
John Boehner appears at the Mackinac Policy Conference (screen grab)

In a Thursday panel discussion on CNN, former House Speaker John Boehner (R-OH) lamented that it seems his political party has changed a lot since he left office just four years ago.

When asked about Trump's racist tweets that attacked four Congresswomen of color, he said there isn't room for this in America.

"People can describe them any way they want, I don’t think there’s room in America, society for these kinds of chants, this kind of conversation, it doesn’t belong in our politics," Boehner said. "It’s reflective of how divided America has become. I was brought up it doesn’t cost anything to be nice. You can disagree without being disagreeable."

He was asked a second time if he thought the comments Trump made were racist.

"A little different style then I have," Boehner responded.

Host Ana Cabrera pushed him further asking if he was refusing to say that the comments were racist.

"I don’t watch the news every day, I’m not in the political arena every day," Boehner dodged again. "And, so, I let people have that fight and discuss it."

Cabrera said she could read the tweets out if Boehner needed to hear them to make a judgment call.

Boehner tried to dodge again, saying he was there to talk about entitlements. Cabrera asked if he even recognized the Republican Party as it is today.

"Well, it’s clearly changed in the years since I left, and the president is probably the most unique person we’ve had," he said. "The fact is, he’s president. And our politics in America have gotten further and further apart. That’s why the issue we’re talking about is really not a partisan issue. When you look at 10 million retirees in these multiemployer pension plans, they live in Democratic districts they live in Republican districts."

Boehner then said that the reason he will continue to support Trump, despite the racism, is that he nominates conservative judges.

Watch the video below: