Fox News anchor schools Stephen Moore: GOP started spending like drunken sailors 'when Trump became president'
Leland Vittert speaks to Stephen Moore (Fox News/screen grab)

Fox News anchor Leland Vittert suggested on Sunday that Republicans in Congress ignored their own rhetoric on spending "when Donald Trump became president."

During an interview with former Federal Reserve Board nominee Stephen Moore, Vittert noted that many Americans are not feeling the benefits of the president's economy.

"But we have the best economy in 30 years," Moore said.

"Why doesn’t everybody feel that way?" Moore asked after pointing to polls that indicate a majority of Americans would prefer a more socialist government.

"You know what I think it is?" Moore scoffed. "It’s people who have almost taken this kind of prosperity for granted, like it just sort of happened."

"Well, if things are so great, why are people moving to [socialism]?" Vittert asked.

"Because a lot of Democrats like free things," Moore opined. "What are the Democrats offering? Free health care, free childcare, free daycare, we’re going to forgive your student loans. Look, if you give people candy, they’re going to like it."

"You didn’t say the biggest threat is the runaway spending in Congress," the Fox News host noted at the end of the interview.

"You’re right," Moore agreed. "The Republicans are spending like drunken sailors. I hate it. When did they turn into big spenders like Democrats?"

"One could say it’s when Donald Trump became president," Vittert told Moore.

Watch the video below from Fox News.