Fox News cuts into Trump's Turning Point USA speech after he starts rambling about handshakes

Fox News on Tuesday briefly interrupted a speech being delivered by President Donald Trump at a Turning Point USA summit.

During his speech, Trump started talking about delivering a commencement address at the Air Force Academy.

"They said, sir, would you like to shake the hands of all the cadets? I said how many other? They said 1,100. I said yeah, that sounds okay,” Trump remarked.

“Do other presidents do it? Yes, they do. Do all of them? What they didn’t say is they start, then they peter out. That sun was beaming down, and if some of these guys are great athletes — some of the women, they had some women in the class, their hands were very strong, okay.”

Eventually, Fox News host Bill Hemmer cut into the speech to interview Karl Rove.

“Some of this looks to be on prompter – a lot of it not, frankly,” the host remarked.

Watch video below: