Fox News host Shep Smith: Trump often says Mueller found ‘no collusion’ – but that’s not true

Fox News anchor Shepard Smith on Friday said that President Donald Trump was incorrect to claim that former special counsel Robert Mueller was unable to find any evidence suggesting that his 2016 campaign had colluded with Russian operatives.

On Friday, Trump said that Mueller's report "said no collusion -- and it said effectively no obstruction."

"This is a phrase often repeated by the president. It’s not true," Smith remarked.

"On collusion, as analyzed by a group at the NYU law school and available online and detailed in the Mueller report itself, the redacted Mueller report documents 14 separate activities that shows strong evidence of collusion -- or more precisely, it provides significant evidence that Trump campaign associates coordinated with, cooperated with, encouraged or gave support to the Russia WikiLeaks election interference activities."

Watch video below: