Fugitive Chinese billionaire saved from deportation by Mar-a-Lago membership may be a communist spy: report
Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago (Photo: Screen capture)

On Tuesday, the Miami Herald reported that Guo Wengui, the Chinese billionaire and "dissident" who was saved from deportation in the United States after President Donald Trump discovered he had a membership at his Mar-a-Lago country club, has been accused in court filings of being a spy for the Chinese government.

Wengui, who made his fortune in the real estate sector, has long claimed to be a critic of the Chinese regime, and is seeking asylum in the United States as he is wanted on charges of bribery and sexual assault — charges he claims are fabricated. But documents from a civil case in a New York federal court, first picked up by the Wall Street Journal, assert that Wengui “was, and is, a dissident-hunter, propagandist, and agent in the service of the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party."

Trump has frequently faced criticism over the fact that patrons of Mar-a-Lago, who pay $200,000 a year for their membership, have unseemly access to the president and the potential for political favors. There have also been security incidents at the facility, with a separate Chinese national caught smuggling in flash drives and surveillance equipment back in March.