George Conway gives advice to Democratic presidential candidates on how to ‘trigger’ Trump’s ‘final meltdown’
George Conway speaking at at Georgetown Law. (Screenshot/YouTube)

George Conway wants President Donald Trump out of the White House so badly he's now got a simple plan on how to make his dream – and that of many across the nation – come true.

The irony of course, is his wife, Kellyanne Conway, is credited with being the first woman campaign manager to successfully put a candidate in the White House.

Conway frequently posts tweets attacking Trump, and by now America  seems to have accepted the curiosity of a very public husband and wife who are opposite ends of the spectrum when it comes to Trump.

A talented attorney, Conway responded to this tweet by a popular social media commentator:

Conway said Democrats "should consult with a team of psychologists and psychiatrists to figure out how to" push Trump's buttons every day, which would "trigger the final meltdown."