George Conway perfectly explains why Trump is so dumb: ‘If you always make shit up, why do you need to learn?’
George Conway is married to White House counselor Kellyanne Conway (screengrab)

On Tuesday, Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway's husband George Conway wondered if Trump's erratic actions and impulsive outbursts might be the result of untreated childhood dyslexia.

Conway cited the book of psychologist Justin Frank "Trump on the Couch" to ask whether the president is propelled by a mental disability.

"There’s an excellent discussion in @JustinFrankMD’s book on how an unaddressed learning disability such as dyslexia may have aggravated Trump’s antisocial behavior as a youth, and thus to his current mélange of conditions," Conway wrote on Twitter.

He also noted that Trump's pathological lying protects him from having to learn uncomfortable truths.

"Put simply and crudely, if you can always just make shit up, then why do you need to learn anything and think about it?" Conway said.

"Which dovetails with his impulsivity and inability and unwillingness to engage in planning—another characteristic of sociopaths," he added.

Raw Story previously interviewed Frank about why the president tends to surround himself with people who lie to him -- including Conway's wife, Kellyanne.

"People with Donald Trump’s psyche usually surrounded themselves with liars. It’s interesting that the GOP is spending so much time calling Cohen a liar, because that’s what Donald Trump surrounds himself with," Frank told Raw Story in February. "People have to lie in order to agree with him," he added.

"That’s his main focus. Saying whatever it is he feels he needs to say in order to get what he wants, Donald Trump," Frank said.