Harvard Law professor shames Alan Dershowitz for trying to shut the press out of Epstein court proceedings
Alan Dershowitz appears on Fox News (screen grab)

On Monday, the Miami Herald reported that an attorney representing former Harvard Law Professor and high-powered defense lawyer Alan Dershowitz has written to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, requesting that the press be blocked from the child trafficking proceedings against billionaire wealth manager Jeffrey Epstein — a measure that, if it is successful, would once again hide the most crucial details of Epstein's crimes from the general public.

Fellow Harvard Law professor Laurence Tribe offered a scathing response to the news:

Epstein has been accused of shuttling numerous underage girls between sex parties at his various properties around the United States, and has sought the legal counsel of Dershowitz. He was previously given a controversial plea bargain that gave him only a short prison sentence for soliciting prostitution — a deal brokered by then-U.S. Attorney Alex Acosta, who is now serving as President Donald Trump's Secretary of Labor.

Dershowitz himself has faced allegations from one of Epstein's accusers that she was also forced to have sex with him at one of the parties. He has denied all allegations and says he can prove that the accuser's witness never met him. The matter is now the focus of a defamation suit.