'He has a lot of vitriol for them': Omarosa says Trump has a particular 'disdain' for women of color
Former White House aide Omarosa Manigault-Newman (Photo: Screen capture)

Omarosa Manigault Newman revealed in an interview Sunday that President Donald Trump has a very serious problem when it comes to women of color.

She was asked if she ever heard Trump tell a white person to "go back" to their country of origin. She said she's never heard it in all of hear years on "The Apprentice," during the campaign or at the White House.

"He reserves that only for people of color," she said. "You’ll notice, Rev, that he particularly has a lot of animosity and disdain for women of color. From Maxine Waters, to myself, to reporters who criticize him who are women of color. He has a lot of vitriol for them."

"A combination of race and gender that really makes him go off," Sharpton remarked. "Now, do you think this is an unrehearsed just this is who he is or is there a political strategy to this?"

She went on to say that this is all part of a political strategy that the campaign thinks will be a win for them. However, she said she doesn't understand how any Republican can support someone who says these things.

"I think it’s very difficult for any Republican, black, white, or purple, to support a president who has spewed these ugly racial slurs and continues to attack women of color in Congress, women of color who served him," Newman said.

Watch her interview below: