House Democrats demand Ivanka Trump’s government emails sent by her personal server
Ivanka Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

Paybacks are difficult when it comes to politics. After a non-stop war against former Secretary Hillary Clinton for her use of a personal email server, President Donald Trump's daughter and top aide seemed to think the rules were different for her. Coming into the new White House, Ivanka Trump used an off-site, personal email server to do communications for official government purposes.

House Democrats are now asking for those emails, the Washington Post reported Monday.

The House Reform and Oversight Committee said the step was necessary “after six months of White House stonewalling” on the emails.

“Unfortunately, over the past six months since I sent my letter, you have not produced a single document, you have not provided any of the requested briefings, and you have not offered any timeline by which these requests will be fulfilled,” chairman Elijah Cummings (D-MD) wrote in a letter to the White House counsel. “The White House’s complete obstruction of the committee’s investigation for the past six months is an affront to our constitutional system of government.”

It's unclear how many emails Ivanka Trump has deleted or "bleached," as her father would say.