'Impatient' Trump raged at his top health official over drug pricing plan: ‘I don’t understand a word you’re saying’
President Donald Trump in the Oval Office (screengrab)

President Donald Trump was "bored and impatient" while hearing his administration's plans to deal with skyrocketing prescription drug prices, The Washington Post reported Tuesday.

"President Trump was apoplectic about drug prices once again. A Wall Street Journal story in early January, picked up by Fox News, reported that prices on hundreds of drugs were going up — a slap in the face to a president who had campaigned on lowering costs and accused the pharmaceutical industry of 'getting away with murder,'" the newspaper reported.

"At a Jan. 6 Camp David meeting, Trump fumed about Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, whom he had charged with lowering drug prices, according to three people with knowledge of the conversation," The Post continued. "Two days later in the Oval Office, a nervous Azar, who had just returned from vacation, detailed the intricacies of what he was doing to lower prices, leaving the president bored and impatient, according to people close to the situation."

The president reportedly lashed out.

“I don’t understand a word you’re saying,” Trump reportedly interrupted. “And no one else will, either.”

In an effort to have more effective policies, Trump is now borrowing ideas from Democrats.

"Now, though, under intense pressure to deliver campaign talking points, Azar has reversed his long-standing opposition to ideas traditionally espoused by Democrats and reviled by most Republicans and the drug industry," the newspaper noted. "But officials from the White House — eager to strike a bold deal that would give Trump a high-profile signing ceremony — are in talks with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office about allowing Medicare to negotiate the prices of select drugs, according to Hill aides and lobbyists."

Democrats have passed such legislation, but Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) refused to bring it up for a vote.

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