Internet buries Trump aide for claim that citizenship question needed to stop 'foreign collusion': 'Have you hit your head?'
President Donald Trump (MSNBC)

Ever since the Supreme Court determined that President Donald Trump's efforts to rig the 2020 Census by interrogating people about citizenship were subject to ongoing scrutiny based on the administration's "contrived" justification, the president's officials have been scrambling to come up with a new rationale that doesn't involve undercounting minorities and denying representation to non-Republican areas.

But Matt Wolking, deputy communications director for Trump's 2020 campaign, came up with a novel argument: that not including a citizenship question would be 'collusion' with foreign powers:

Of course, all Democrats are really doing is demanding that the census count everybody who lives and pays taxes in America, which is how it has always worked and how the Constitution says it must work. Wolking evidently wants people to believe this is the same thing as how Russia tried to bombard the United States with propaganda to influence a presidential election.

In no time, Twitter users deluged Wolking in mockery: