Internet piles on ABC reporter for lavishing praise on Trump for allowing press to ask questions
ABC News' Kyra Phillips on Fox News (screengrab)

ABC News reporter Kyra Phillips on Saturday heaped praise on President Donald Trump for his treatment of the press.

Despite the White House no longer holding daily press briefings, Phillips praised the "access" she receives from the administration.

"No matter what your politics are, I have to say that I appreciate the access ⁦Trump⁩ gives us on a regular basis and the ability to ask any question," she said.

She tagged Stephanie Grisham in her tweet, who is Trump's latest press secretary. She also tagged her husband, John Roberts, who does not work in the White House, but works for Fox News.

The internet had harsh commentary for a reporter praising the president who regularly refers to the press as the "enemy" of the people.