‘It is Donald Trump who truly believes his base is deplorable’: Washington Post columnist
Cesar Sayoc appears at Trump rally (Michael Moore/Facebook)

President Donald Trump is a "ranting lunatic" and his racism is a "national catastrophe," a Washington Post columnist argued on MSNBC on Tuesday.

Michelle Goldberg was interviewed by Steve Kornacki on MSNBC's "Deadline: White House."

"I think what Trump is telling us every single day, is that he believes that he won because of racism," Goldberg explained.

"He believes he won because he was willing to say terrible things about immigrants and Muslims and people of color and the Archie Bunker demographic responded to that. He believes that about his base," she continued. "He believes far more than Hillary Clinton ever did, even though she used the word 'deplorables,' it’s Donald Trump who truly believes his base is deplorable."

"Think what a degraded state this country is in when his aides say, 'No, he can’t be racist, he opposes slavery.' That's the bar -- That’s the best they can do to make an affirmative argument for this president having any concern for ethnic minorities in this country. It is such a farce," she said.

"We all sit around here and talk about it in terms of strategy and in terms of the election. That is important but I think it is important to acknowledge what a national catastrophe it is to have this ranting lunatic who holds so many of the people and so many of the cities that he purports to lead, in kind of complete contempt," Goldberg concluded.