Retired admiral cuts Trump's 4th of July speech down to size: All the depth of an '8th grade history' lesson
Rear Admiral John Francis Kirby, U.S. Navy (retired) on CNN.

The "rudimentary" and "basic" speech from President Donald Trump didn't get high marks from the CNN audience. The political panel celebrated that Trump didn't mess up and he didn't meander into a disastrous political rant. The expectations were extremely low and he managed to barely step over the low bar, the commentators noted.

But it was retired Rear Admiral John Kirby who said that the speech was like an "8th-grade history lesson."

Kirby said that he was hopeful it wasn't going to be overly militaristic, but it certainly was.

"Other politicians before Trump have, you know, liked to sort of dine off the imagery of the military," said CNN's Ryan Lizza. "In our country right now, most institutions are suffering from low popularity, the media, politicians. The military is one of the institutions that remains popular. Trump, who has never served, is like a lot of politicians who have never served and like the sort of glow of this popular institution."

Lizza said that as someone who doesn't understand the history of the military he's blowing past the boundaries that most military members maintain.

Watch his full take below: