'It's disgusting': Fox pundit steamrolls Trump apologist for defending president’s racist attacks

Panelists on Fox News clashed Monday over whether President Donald Trump's racist attack against progressive congresswomen would help or hurt him politically.

"You know, look, I think he threw Nancy Pelosi a lifeline. There was a battle within the party itself and now it's been overshadowed by this," remarked Fox News host Bill Hemmer.

But David Avella, the chairman of the political group GOPAC, suggest that Trump had made a good political move. He insisted that Trump had made things harder for the Democratic House speaker.

"Because now you have four more members of Congress that want impeachment of the president even more. And they have all been for impeachment. Now they are all the more fired up to want impeachment," Avella said.

"This speaker now has to figure out how she holds off a higher degree of talk for impeachment when you add into the fact that now they have a compadre now in the presidential race with Tom Steyer who made his name in politics trying to impeach the president," he added.

"I don't think that's what's going on here or what people are thinking about today," said Jessica Tarlov, an political strategist and Fox News contributor. "People are thinking about the fact that the president unleashed a racist tweetstorm against four duly-elected congresswomen -- three of whom were born in America."

"This is the next round of birtherism," she continued, "which started out as racism as well -- both Donald Trump and Melania Trump have peddled that. It's disgusting."

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