'Pedophile Island’ is the name locals use for Jeffrey Epstein’s Caribbean compound: report
Jeffrey Epstein (Photo: Screen cap).

US Virgin Islands reporter Kellie Meyer tweeted that the first time she passed Jeffrey Epstein's island when she moved to the area the boat captain called it "pedophile island" and told her to stay away from it. That was only the first time she heard the island called that. She noted she heard it several times after that.

In a series of tweets, Meyer showed a photo of the island, saying that when the flag is raised, it's known that Epstein is on the island, but after he was arrested this week, the flag disappeared.

"Odd with the flag raising," Meyer tweeted." Like the Queen of England does. But for the King of the US Virgin Islands (?). Not so much. Locals tell me they don’t want anything to do with him or want his name tied to this US territory."

She went on to say that the locals also won't go on camera talking about Epstein.

"As much as the locals share the stories, none are willing to go on [camera]," Meyer tweeted. "Many, at least in the area of his island and office, fear retaliation. Whether current employee, former or tied to him in some way. To them, he still holds much power here."

Epstine was arrested over the weekend in New York and is being charged with a litany of crimes involving sex with young girls.