Lou Dobbs blows up at Neil Cavuto for criticizing Trump: 'You've got to work this out with the president'
Lou Dobbs speaks to Neil Cavuto (Fox Business/screen grab)

Fox Business hosts Lou Dobbs and Neil Cavuto tangled on Wednesday over President Donald Trump's spending.

During a segment with five Fox Business hosts, Cavuto suggested that Trump is demonizing Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell.

"If you want to blame the Federal Reserve, you could," Cavuto said. "If you want to look at both parties abandoning any fiscal restraint, you could look at that as well. The fact of the matter is there are a lot of hands in this."

"When we have the times we have," Cavuto continued, "and we've had the improvement we've had... I just don't know what following Japan and Europe to try to control this is going to do because they've not done a good job at containing it."

Lou Dobbs chimed in with praise for the president.

"Somebody has done a good job," Dobbs opined. "And that is President Trump and it is this economy."

"You think he's done a good job on reining in spending?" Cavuto interrupted. "I give him high marks on the tax cuts and cutting regulations."

But for Dobbs, any criticism of the president was too much.

"You've got to work this out with the president," Dobbs said, suggesting Cavuto had a personal dispute with Trump.

"No, no, no!" Cavuto protested. "Fact! Do you think this president has done anything to contain the deficits and the debt that have spiraled still from what levels he had from Barack Obama?"

"I do," Dobbs said softly.

"What has he done to address it?" Cavuto demanded to know. "I'm talking about deficits and debt! Has he improved that, yes or no?"

Dobbs launched into a rant about unemployment and deregulation, causing Cavuto to interrupt.

"I said that at the outset," Cavuto acknowledged. "What about now with the deficit and the debt."

"I didn't interrupt you, Neil!" Dobbs exclaimed. "And you've done it to me now twice."

Cavuto continued to demand an answer on the deficit and the debt, but Dobbs never directly responded.

Watch the video below Fox Business.