Maddow shows lewd retro video of Trump bragging about planting open-mouth kiss on TV host -- and then it gets worse
Donald Trump (Photo: Screen capture)

A new lewd video has been released that shows President Donald Trump admitting to grabbing Faith Daniels, who was married at the time, and planting an open-mouth kiss on her while her husband wasn't looking. Daniels then said it would cost Trump and he would have to do her show.

"Her husband is a handsome devil, but he had his back turned at the time, so we had a good time," Trump told the audience.

MSNBC host Rachel Maddow noted that this is the thing women consistently accuse Trump of doing and Trump bragged about doing on the "Access Hollywood" video.

"You are seen in a company of lots of beautiful women," Daniels said.

"I like beautiful women. You are very beautiful," Trump said back.

She then asked him if he lies awake at night worried about various things.

"I really don’t. Some people have the ability that they don’t worry about things. I have that ability. If I did, I probably would have been in the corner with my thumb in my mouth saying, 'Mommy, take me home,'" Trump joked.

"You certainly aren’t doing that. We saw evidence of that," Daniels said, recalling the unwanted kiss again.

"Somebody else's [thumb]," Trump shot back.

Trump bragged about the "beautiful women" he likes and that he's already been through all of the scandals.

Daniels asked if he could date anyone in the world who it would be, Trump said Lady Diana, who was still married at the time.

"She's married!" Daniels said.

"Why not?" Trump asked.

You can watch the video below: