Majority of America says Trump is racist – but not even one in ten Republicans agree
LAS VEGAS NEVADA, DECEMBER 14, 2015: Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at campaign event at Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino the day before the CNN Republican Presidential Debate (Joseph Sohm/Shutterstock)

The majority of Americans say President Donald Trump is racist, according to a just-released Quinnipiac poll as NBC News reports.

Among those saying President Trump is racist are African Americans (80%), Latinos (55%), Democrats (86%), Independents (56%), and a majority across all age groups.

It also includes those who say they do not follow any religion (“none”), at 63%, and 57% of those with a college degree.

But the results are not the same in other groups.

Those who answered “no,” to the question, “Do you think President Trump is racist?” include 55% of men (44% of women also say no).

Also saying they do not believe President Trump is racist are three out of four (76%) of white evangelicals and 55% of Protestants.

Meanwhile more than 9 out of ten (91%) of Republicans insist president Trump is not racist. Just 8% say he is.

This is the ‘First Time Since Quinnipiac Has Been Asking the Question That a Majority Say Trump Is Racist’ Two previous polls last year came close: both show 49% at the time said Trump is racist.