Mike Pence abruptly cancels New Hampshire event and diverts to the White House for 'an emergency': report
Vice President Mike Pence during an interview on Fox News. (Screenshot)

On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence cancelled a planned event in New Hampshire, due to a reported "emergency" at the White House.

Pence was scheduled to speak in Manchester, New Hampshire, about the state's opioid crisis.

A spokesperson for the White House said "the president is fine" and that there was "no cause for concern," according to NBC News.

"Something came up that requires the VP to remain in DC," a PBS Newshour correspondent quoted the spokesperson as saying.

"The vice president was called back to the White House but there's no cause for alarm and we’ll reschedule the trip soon," the vice president's office told Reuters.

The reason for the abrupt cancellation of the event remains unclear.

The story is developing...