Nashville cop resigns in disgrace after being caught slamming black woman into a car over expired tags
Former Nashville Police Officer Barrett Teague slams 21-year-old Adreneyonia Ensley into a car (Screen cap).

A police officer from Nashville, Tennessee this week resigned in disgrace after being caught on camera slamming a black woman into a car because she had expired tags.

The Tennessean reports that Metro Nashville Police Officer Barrett Teague this week resigned after a video posted to Facebook showed him manhandling 21-year-old Adreneyonia Ensley at a gas station and then slamming her into a nearby car.

According to Ensley, police officers parked behind her while she was parked at a Z-Mart gas station and informed her that her license plate tags were expired. The video shows that, after handing over the documents that Teague had asked for, Ensley got out of her car to check out her license plate tags for herself.

It's at this point that Teague grabs her from behind and slams her into the car that's parked right next to her own.

Before Teague resigned this week, the Metro Nashville Police Department said it was "very concerned with what the video shows" regarding Teague's behavior. He had been placed on desk duty for the past several weeks while the department conducted an investigation into his actions.

Watch the video below.