Not even Trump’s appointed judge can get him out of tax lawsuit -- he’s demanding a ‘compromise’
Rep. Richard Neal (Twitter)

The federal judge overseeing litigation over President Donald Trump's taxes has set a Tuesday deadline for the parties involved to find a "compromise."

"A federal judge on Monday ordered lawyers for President Donald Trump, House Democrats and New York state to try to come up with a compromise in a fight over the president’s state tax returns," Politico reported Monday.

The deadline was set by Judge Carl Nichols -- who was appointed by Trump.

"The surprise decision came in a case in which Trump is demanding a temporary restraining order to prevent Ways and Means Chairman Richard Neal (D-MA) from taking advantage of a newly passed New York law that would give him access to the president’s confidential tax filings there. Trump is challenging the underlying law, and is concerned Neal could obtain the records while the case is still pending," Politico noted. "At issue is legislation New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed into law earlier this month authorizing state officials there to share Trump’s state filings if requested by Neal, who is separately suing for the president’s federal tax returns."

Neal has not yet made a formal request for the records.