'Offered up for abuse': Jeffrey Epstein and Charlie Rose conferred about new assistants the PBS host could sexually harass
Charlie Rose (Youtube)

Disgraced former PBS host Charlie Rose and accused billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein allegedly had conversations about women whom Rose should hire and whom he would then go on to sexually harass.

New York Magazine reporter Irin Carmon has a bombshell story about Epstein's call logs that show his regular interactions with multiple powerful men during a time when prosecutors say he was running a sex trafficking ring for underage girls.

Of particular interest are his calls with Rose, who was fired by PBS in 2017 after multiple women came forward to accuse him of being a serial sexual harasser.

The logs show that Epstein and his personal assistant called Rose multiple times to recommend women whom they believed would be good fits for the host. One women was described as the "world’s most perfect assistant" on the basis that she used to work for disgraced Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein, who was also ousted after being outed as a serial sexual harasser.

Another woman recommended by Epstein "shows up on the manifests of Epstein’s jet, including on Bill Clinton’s trip across Africa, and wound up working at the Clinton Foundation," Carmon reports.

And one of the women Epstein pushed to Rose would later go on to formally accuse the former PBS host of sexually harassing her. When contacted by Carmon and told that she was hired by Rose on the recommendation of Epstein, the woman said that it seemed like she was "being offered up for abuse."

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