Oregon comedian says a Trump supporter punched him in the face for mocking the president

A longtime comedian from Portland, Oregon is claiming that a supporter of President Donald Trump punched him in the face after he mocked the president during his routine.

Local news station KATU 2 reports that Joe Fontenot says that he was given a black eye during his Saturday night show after he made a joke ridiculing Trump's proposed "Space Force."

Right after making the joke, an offended Trump supporter stood up in the audience and shouted, "Make America great again," Fontenot claims.

Fontenot then says he joked that "someone should build a wall around" the Trump supporter -- at which point the Trump supporter walked up on stage and cold-cocked him, thus knocking him unconscious.

"I don't understand, like, it's not even a joke about Trump or anything like that, for people to assault someone else for talking is insane," Fontenot tells KATU. "Did that make America great again?"

The Hood River Police Department declined KATU's request for comment, but the station says that surveillance footage showing the alleged assault is set to be released on Monday.

(Note: KATU 2 later deleted their article.)