Pelosi is warming up to the idea of impeachment behind closed doors: report
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi told reporters on May 23, 2019 that her Democratic caucus was not currently prepared to launch impeachment proceedings against US President Donald Trump. (AFP / MANDEL NGAN)

On Wednesday, CNN chief political correspondent Dana Bash reported that though House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is still publicly downplaying the possibility of impeaching President Donald Trump, she is considering the idea more seriously behind closed doors.

"The speaker had a meeting ... there was a robust discussion about impeachment, with member after member pressing the leadership, what next? What are we going to do now?" said Bash. "What was interesting, according to our sources, is that although the speaker said we're not there yet, she and the Judiciary Chairman [Jerrold Nadler] welcomed questions and talked in a more detailed way about the potential process going forward."

"One example, Jerry Nadler indicated that a possibility would be after the court proceedings and when and if they get to this point, all six committees investigating could come up with articles of impeachment," said Bash, although she noted that this scenario was presented as a hypothetical.

"Another interesting thing I was told is that Nadler was asked by a member whether or not the whole House has to vote on starting the impeachment injury, and he said no. He said he has the authority to do that," said Bash. "Why is that interesting? Because there are a lot of members in the Democratic caucus who are, you know, not so eager to take a vote even to start an impeachment inquiry, particularly the moderates that helped make the House majority, and they could get around that. They could potentially start impeachment proceedings, according to Nadler in this meeting, without having members take a vote."

"These are the discussions that went on, in a very sort of frenetic way, as soon as these hearings were over today," said Bash.

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