Pete Buttigieg: Nominate me and I'll make Trump 'explain why he chose to pretend to be disabled' to get out of Vietnam
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At Tuesday's Democratic debate, during a segment on how the candidates planned to deal with climate change, South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg put everything into perspective: None of these plans can come to fruition unless President Donald Trump is defeated — and to defeat him, his cowardice and his moral failings must be laid bare.

"We have all put out highly similar visions on climate," said Buttigieg. "It is all theoretical. We will deal with climate if and only if we win the presidency. If and only if we beat Donald Trump."

"Nominate me, and you get to see the president of the United States stand next to an American war veteran and explain why he chose to pretend to be disabled when it was his chance to serve," said Buttigieg. "Nominate me, and we will have a different conversation with American voters about why the president of the United States thinks you're a sucker when the problem in your life is your paycheck is not going up nearly as fast as the cost of housing or the cost of education or the cost of prescription drugs, and he has done nothing about it except tax cuts for the corporations."

Watch below: