Republicans ‘are still scared Mueller might go rogue’: Lawyer who defended Trump official explains GOP’s fear
Attorney Caroline Polisi on MSNBC (screengrab)

Republicans are terrified that special counsel Robert Mueller could harm President Donald Trump during public testimony before Congress, a lawyer who used to represent a Trump official explained on MSNBC on Monday.

Attorney Caroline Polisi, who represented George Papadopoulos, was interviewed on "The Beat" by Ari Melber.

The host played clips pointing out how hard it is for lawmakers to get information out of Mueller during congressional

"What's so interesting here, even in the face of all of this, they’re scared he may go rogue," Polisi explained.

"They’re still a little bit scared of that one percent possibility," she noted.

"Everything we know about Bob Mueller, he's a rule follower," she continued. "He’s a private citizen now. He doesn’t have to listen to the D.O.J."

"Presumptive privilege isn’t a legal thing," she added. "It’s not a thing."

"It’s been well documented there is no blanket privilege," she added.