Seth Meyers hilariously ridicules Trump for not knowing the Constitution: 'Article II -- nobody's ever seen it before'
Seth Meyers talks about Donald Trump's war against the media (Screen cap).

After a long vacation, late-night shows returned to bring some levity to the difficulty of the news cycle. Such was the case when "Late Night" host Seth Meyers ridiculed President Donald Trump for not knowing The Constitution that well.

"Number one: there's no crime. And how do you obstruct when there's no crime?" Trump asked during a brief statement Friday. Martha Stewart would take issue with that statement.

"Also take a look at one other thing. It's a thing called Article II. Nobody ever mentions Article II. It give me all these rights at a level nobody has ever seen before. We don't even talk about Article II," Trump said.

With a twinge of mockery, Meyers exclaimed: "What do you mean no one has ever seen before?! It was written over 200 years ago. Just because you've never seen it before doesn't mean nobody's ever seen it before."

The host then pivoted into his Trump impersonation.

"I just saw this great little independent film, no one's ever seen it before, called 'The Lion King,'" Meyers joked. "It's about a good guy named Scar but oh, he's got a really sh*tty nephew always trying to back-stab him. I haven't finished it yet, it's two hours long, that's too long. But I like Scar's chances, I think it's going to end well for Scar."

Meyers went on to say that it isn't shocking Trump's interpretation of Article II is incorrect, because he just found out it exists anyway.

Watch the hilarious take below: