Seth Meyers mocks Trump for always pointing at his head like he's telling people he knows where it is
Composite image of Trump pointing at his head (screengrabs)

President Donald Trump was ridiculed on NBC's "Late Night with Seth Meyers" on Monday.

"Another weekend, another racist outburst from our racist president -- for more on this it's time for a closer look," the host explained.

"Trump's malignant narcism won't let him go five seconds without being the center of attention," he explained. "All day, every day, there's Trump on every TV you pass by."

"Sweating, red-faced, fighting with reporters -- doing that thing where he points at his head to show everyone that he knows where his brain is," he explained.

"The doctors say it looks like a pumpkin that got left on the stoop for too long," Meyers said, in his Trump voice.

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"This is our life now, long after he leaves office his dumb face will be burned into our flat screens even when they're turned off," he worried.