'Simply astonishing': Retired general sounds the alarm on Trump's 'utter breakdown' in foreign policy process
Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey (Screen cap).

Ret. Gen. Barry McCaffrey on Monday sounded the alarm on President Donald Trump's foreign policy team, which he said had shown no indications that it is capable of dealing with a real crisis on the world stage.

While appearing on MSNBC, McCaffrey was asked about a quote from former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta in which he said that the entire Trump foreign policy team is being held hostage to the president's impulsive tweets.

"I think the most important thing Panetta said here was the utter breakdown of a national security process," he explained. "It's simply astonishing! [Defense Secretary nominee Mark] Esper still hasn't been confirmed, you've had a series of acting secretaries of defense, no one really understands what [Secretary of State Mike] Pompeo, who is a very intelligent person, is up to."

He then went on to explain the dangers of having such a chaotic foreign policy process.

"There is no set of options that are carefully considered, no inclusion of other forms of U.S. power other than military, no inclusion of allies to act in concert with us," he said. "This is all Mr. Trump's impulsive tweeting, changing his mind."

Watch the video below.