Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe takes victory lap on CNN to explain her epic stance
Megan Rapinoe. FRANCK FIFE:AFPjpg

Soccer superstar Megan Rapinoe sat down with CNN's Anderson Cooper to explain more about her life for the past few weeks during the World Cup.

Rapinoe said that even though she had to keep her head in the game, she couldn't keep the war for equal pay, the fight with Trump and everything else on the backburner while playing.

She also said that the ratings and successes of the women's team are all there to prove that the women's team should be equal. She said that she and the other teammates don't want the fight to be public and mean-spirited but they think "it's in the best interest" of everyone involved.

"It's so much more than the money. Obviously, the money and the compensation part is a big -- it's talked about the most but it's really more about the investment in the game," she told Cooper Tuesday. "Is the investment equal? Marketing dollars and branding and investment in youth and investment in the players and coaching staff. I don't think that that's there. I don't think that's ever been there. I think the men's side of sports is seen as this exciting business opportunity that needs to be invested in. The women's is how cheap can we do this keeping them happy and what changes can we make at each step to just kind of keep them at bay?"

She said that the team heard some of the "equal pay" chants and they were grateful that the win helped bring more awareness to the fight.

"I think we knew this win -- if we were able to win -- would be bigger than soccer, but that moment I think just solidified everything," she said. "This World Cup win is so much more than what was on the field. It seems like one of those, just sort of, iconic turning points in history to be honest. So that kind of like cemented that and kicked off the feeling of wow, this is so much bigger than just these people coming here to watch the game."

She told Cooper that the epic stance she did with her arms spread wide came as more of a relief than anything.

"I don't know where it came from," she told Cooper. "I made it up. I did it in one game prior to leaving for the World Cup, and I hadn't done it for a while and I usually change things up a lot. We usually talk about the celebration -- [but it] became a thing, as well. I don't know where it came from and it just felt -- I felt the team had so much pressure on it and obviously individually we have that pressure but more so as a team and it was just like this like moment. It wasn't an 'F-you' moment at all. It was a moment for everyone to celebrate through that. You're not going to take our joy from anything and it was just this like we have arrived. Sort of."

"Are you not entertained by all of this?" she chuckled. "Like the circus is here."

Cooper agreed that the stance was a lot like a circus entertainer in the ring.

Watch the clip below: