Social media responds to Trump's 'go back' tweet with viral hashtags #TrumpIsARacist and #RacistInChief
Donald Trump speaking at CPAC 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Gage Skidmore/Flickr)

President Donald Trump began Sunday by saying that four congresswomen of color should go back to their country of origin before they try to be American officials. But all of the women are Americans -- only one was born in another country. Both cable news and social media was filled with accusations about Trump's racism, prompting #TrumpIsARacist and #RacistInChief to trend on Twitter across the nation.

Trump employed the "I know you are but what am I" defense, saying that the Democrats are the real racists.

Activists on Twitter are hardly a sample of the attitudes of all Americans, but they quickly were able to counter racism by calling it what it is.

You can see the best of the best tweets below: